Guest teacher – Alicia Rambo Wozniak


Guest teacher Alicia Rambo Wozniak will be subbing classes at Wild Lotus – hope you can come and enjoy your practice with her!

Friday, October 28, 9am, Gentle Flow – Downtown
Sunday, October 30, 9am, Flow (Medium) – Uptown

About Alicia:

Alicia teaches yoga as a path towards healing the mind, body & spirit.
She uses yoga as a tool for developing self-awareness, transformation
and healing and she works to nurture students of every level in their
exploration of breath, intension and movement.

Having taught vinyasa and restorative yoga for over 8 years, Alicia’s
classes are educational and insightful, yet playful. Backed by her
years of yoga practice and self study, she imbodies a peaceful and
intuitive teaching style.   Alicia’s classes will refresh your soul,
and inspire you as she leads you through a varied flow of movement
merged with intention, breath, alignment, strength, ease, flexibility,
balance, and grace.  She embraces qualities such as trust, self-love
and care, creating a well-spring with which to develop a strong and
life embracing practice on the yoga mat or out in the world.


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