Upcoming: An Evening of Kirtan, Ritual, Stories, and Images with visiting teacher Ramloti


“Shakti or the energy of the Divine Feminine is all around us constantly whether we are practicing yoga, meditating, chanting, sleeping, working or playing. Our awareness of this presence and how to work with it is very beneficial and brings deep peace and happiness to all spheres of our lives. This evening of Living the Divine Mother – The Shakti Within will highlight the main energies of Mother, delving into the meaning, how to cultivate it, honor it and will include chanting to each specific energy. The two-hour gathering will also include instruction on performing a simple puja and other devotional practices to Ma.” – Ramloti

Cost: Admission by donation. All proceeds, including sales of devotional items, books, t-shirts, and cd’s go to support the Babaji Ashram, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. To learn more visit http://www.Babajiashram.org

Thursday, February 2nd, 8:00-10:00pm, Downtown / 2372 Saint Claude Ave


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